Certified Technical Education Area


Certification basic spirit and requirements

  The Department of Education must set out its "Education Objectives": the department must specify its education goals. This is the basis for "establishing a system." In setting the education objectives, each department should follow certain procedures so that all teachers To participate, it is also necessary to invite consultants or consultants, and even parents and students to consult with each other. • There must be a permanent consultative or advisory board. The consortium is required to have a consultant or advisory committee consisting of prominent members of industry and alumni who can regularly advise on their educational goals, course arrangements, and related teaching issues. In order to maintain the interaction between school and industry. • Establish a "continuous improvement" mechanism: Establish an autonomous continuous self-inspection mechanism. • The accredited faculty should construct its own assessment methods and forms: The accredited faculty should exert unique creativity and imagination to establish its own most appropriate measurement method, independent of the standard forms and with its continuous improvement mechanism. • Establish distinctive educational content based on the AC2004 + certification code: The accredited faculty should be performance-oriented and highlight the unique characteristics of each faculty and emphasize engineering ethics and humane care. • The AC2004 + specification is only a minimum requirement: the AC2004 + certification rules are set out as a basic requirement. Each department must separately set up and achieve results according to the educational goals. • The Faculty should provide basic information about each course such as course objectives, syllabus, course requirements, exam questions, etc., confirming the educational goals, educational qualities and presenting the course contents. • The department should provide samples of students' academic achievements such as papers, finished products, competition results and special reports. • Faculty should keep track of alumni performance and industry reaction: Faculty members need to track the alumni performance continuously to revise the departmental teaching content and manner, and pay attention to the opinions of industry employers to adjust the department's teaching direction so as to conform to the industry demand.


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