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    Entry YearPublicationAuthor
    20122013,DOI 10.1007,s00170-013-4763-x, (SCI)Jia-Yuarn Guo
    2012Suh-Jenq Yang, Chou-Jung Hsu, Dar-Li Yang,2012,Single-machine scheduling and slack due-date assignment with aging effect and deteriorating maintenance,Optimization Letters [IF:0.952; Rank: 36/77],6,8,pp1855-1873 (SCI)Chou-Jung Hsu
    20122012,1,1,pp49-62Teng-Ruey Chang
    20122012,Unrelated parallel-machine scheduling with aging effects and multi-maintenance activities,Computers & Operations Research [IF: 1.72; Rank: 7/43],39,7,pp1458-1464 (SCI)Chou-Jung Hsu
    20122012,9,1,pp57-69 (其他)Teng-Ruey Chang
    20122012,03,pp55-72 (其他)Teng-Ruey Chang
    2012Suh-Jenq Yang, Chou-Jung Hsu and Dar-Li Yang,2012,Note on "Unrelated parallel-machine scheduling with deteriorating maintenance activities",Computers and Industrial Engineering [IF:1.589; Rank: 9/43],62,4,pp1141-1143 (SCI)Chou-Jung Hsu
    2012Wen-Hung Kuo, Chou-Jung Hsu, Dar-Li Yang,2012,Worst-case and numerical analysis of heuristic algorithms for flowshop scheduling problems with a time-dependent leaning effect,Information Sciences [IF: 2.833; Rank: 9/135],184,1,pp282-297 (SCI)Chou-Jung Hsu
    2012Lieh-dai Yang
    20112012,DOI 10.1007,s00170-012-4348-0,pp547-554 (SCI)Hsin-Tao Lee


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